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The real competition in business is for talent. For your business to continue to succeed, you need to win this war. ASK Solutions aims to be your key weapon. Our commitment to your cause – built on decades of experience – will help you realise and sustain your company’s vision.


Talent Endorsement

ASK Solutions introduces talent to opportunity to create success. For career growth and development, you need to work with an organisation that understands and can guide you through the modern employment landscape. We have the network, the experience and the know how to maximise your opportunities.


A business has to be involving, it has to be fun, and it has to exercise your creative instincts.
— Richard Branson

ASK Solutions, established in 1985, is a dynamic executive talent acquisition company for the IT and technology sector specialising in the Asia Pacific Region.

There is a war for talent, a battle to attract the best and brightest executive talent. At ASK Solutions, we are constantly working with best-of-breed IT and technology vendors to access the most talented specialists and leaders.

ASK Solutions sources this invaluable and much-needed executive talent. We have extensive and in-depth knowledge of the technology sector top end and a track record of success built on a depth of experience. Our talent acquisition skills, honed over three decades, are relentless, focused and second to none. We help you win.

Our approach is dedicated to genuine partnership with our clients and candidates. We have a passion to deliver the best result to both parties on each and every engagement. The commitment to this ethos has been behind the growth of a large and loyal network of the industry’s best talent over three decades.

We leverage this network to identify the best culture-values-skills fit for both client and candidate. We believe this to be vital to ensuring the long-term success of any hiring process. Whatever the talent you need, we know where to find it and how to initiate and build a vital and ongoing relationship.

We help you attract and retain top talent.  In the ever-competitive talent acquisition space, ASK Solutions makes the difference. 


The great leaders are like the best conductors - they reach beyond the notes to reach the magic in the players.

The war to secure top talent is the biggest single challenge faced in the IT and technology sector today.

At the moment, with demand outstripping supply in a fast-moving and competitive environment, attracting top-level performers and executives is the difference between success and failure, between winning and losing.

Your talent is the most valuable and essential asset needed to build a strong, high-performance organisation. Competition is fierce for the services of top performers, and there is a need to stay one step ahead.

ASK Solutions uses its global network to find the best, most-qualified executives to take your business to the next level. We specialise in introducing you to the right person. We source, assess, develop, manage and help you retain the top-level executive talent that you need.

Our extensive expertise and experience is grounded in our ever-expanding industry knowledge of the Asia-Pacific Region. Our Asian network and global reach enable us to deliver the best talent and culture-fit for your enterprise.

We work ceaselessly to maintain and widen our network of candidates with a range of specialised skills and experience.

We are your trusted advisers. 


The important thing is not being afraid to take a chance. Remember, the greatest failure is not to try. Once you find something you love to do, be the best at doing it.

At ASK Solutions we have extensive knowledge of the current technology talent landscape across the Asia Pacific. We seek to work with and develop executive and top-performing talent of the highest calibre.

We invest considerable time getting to know you, your particular skills, requirements and aspirations. We value your attitude. We value your skills. We value your knowledge.

The network we have developed over nearly three decades gives us access to regional decision makers in many best-of-breed technology and IT vendors.

ASK Solutions will give you straightforward, positive and helpful advice about the choices and options that can take your career to the next level and beyond.

We advise you of the range of opportunities available with our partner-clients. We encourage and inform when it comes to market trends and upcoming opportunities.

Most importantly, we are with you for the long term. We value you.

Please send us your latest resume. We look forward to speaking with you soon:

Singapore: info@asksolutions.com.sg                Australia: info@ask.com.au



ASK Solutions has reach across the Asia Pacific, with regional hub offices in Singapore and Sydney. We have partner and affiliate offices across China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, India and New Zealand.

With 18 years’ experience in Asia and 33 in Australia, ASK Solutions is stronger than ever.




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